INDYGO: Fat Dog Games announces a new, atmospheric, narrative game!

INDYGO: Fat Dog Games announces a new, atmospheric, narrative game!


Fat Dog Games, the indie game publisher from Poland, has announced, that they will be publishing “Indygo” - a new atmospheric, narrative game with adventure and point’n’click elements.

Indygo is a narrative game with elements of point'n'click set in one room only - painting workshop. It tells the story of a painter who suffers from depression. One of the symptoms is proceeding isolation. Main character hasn’t left his room for more than 3 months already. The person who helps him live through this hard time is his girlfriend Anna. It became obvious for both of them, that this situation can’t last forever. The time has come to look for solution. It’s up to player to decide how the story will progress.

“All too often depression is not taken seriously or, on the other hand, becomes a stigma. We strive to give the players a deeper insight into the thoughts and actions of those, who are suffering from this mood disorder, which is why we consulted our game with mental health specialists and people who have gone through depression.” says Krystian Mucha from Pigmentum Game Studio.
The game has multiple endings. How the story ends, depends on the seemingly trivial decisions made by the player during the game. The room changes accordingly to the mental state of the character.

“The project is unique, not only due to its social engagement, but also thanks to the handmade graphics designed by Fine Arts Academy students and an original soundtrack, which adds a deep, overwhelming feel to the game.” says Dariusz Skrzypkowski, CEO of Fat Dog Games.

The game will be launched on 10 October 2017 - the World Mental Health Day.

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