The Chronicles of Nyanya: New cat-filled RPG from Fat Dog Games

The Chronicles of Nyanya: New cat-filled RPG from Fat Dog Games


Fat Dog Games, a publisher from Poland, has announced “The Chronicles of Nyanya” - a new  RPG game full of.. cats.

Players already had a unique chance to try out “The Chronicles of Nyanya” during the 5th edition of Pixel Heaven - a retro and indie game fest held in Warsaw on 25-28 May.

“The Chronicles of Nyanya” tells the story of a seemingly ordinary cat who, due to numerous tragic events, becomes a catssassin and goes on a mission to save the world of Nyanya. Apart from regular RPG mechanics, the game also offers numerous non-linear quests based on the reputation of the main character and allows various ways of completing quests: brutal fights, talking, sneaking or solving puzzles.

The game is full of humor, drama and cats. It is also co-authored by Ilona Myszkowska, a Polish comic artist and creator of the very popular

The game has already passed Steam Greenlight and has received positive reviews and a very warm welcome from the gamers. The publisher is yet to announce a release date.

Press materials are available on the game's card on our website:

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