BODY OF EVIDENCE: Gruesome “hide the body” FPP game inspired by Tarantino's movies

BODY OF EVIDENCE: Gruesome “hide the body” FPP game inspired by Tarantino's movies


More skeletons in the closet! Fat Dog Games just announced Body of Evidence - a bloody, hide and seek FPP simulation game full of dark humor, a tribute to some of Tarantino’s movies. The game is produced by polish studio, Empyrean.

Body of Evidence - Official Teaser

Time flies fast when you have to hide two bodies and clean the blood before the arrival of the police. You have maybe 15 minutes and you cannot find that goddamn mop because this isn’t even your apartment!
Heavy stuff. That’s why Fat Dog Games and Empyrean decided to work together on the game. So, after this traumatic but successful event the main character decides to go pro and clean someone else's mess for a living. During the game the player will visit further locations with more dead bodies and even more fun.

Body of Evidence will be released on Steam, Q1 2018. The players can already add it to their wishlists on Steam.

- Enjoyable mechanics of dragging corpses
- Multiple ways to pass each level
- 30 apartments with procedurally generated traces of crimes
- 5 different types of intruders seeking evidence on the already cleaned up boards
- Amazing pop culture references and a wicked sense of humor
- Unfortunately you cannot donate the collected blood.

Body of Evidence:
What: Gruesome "Hide the Body" 3D FPP
Who: Empyrean Games / published by Fat Dog Games
Where: PC & Mac (Steam)
When: Q1 2018

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