INDYGO: Narrative, point ‘n’ click experience premieres today on Steam!

INDYGO: Narrative, point ‘n’ click experience premieres today on Steam!


Fat Dog Games, an independent game developer from Poland is proud to announce that Indygo, an atmospheric, narrative game with point ‚n’ click elements, focusing on the topic of depression is now available on Steam!

Indygo - Official Gameplay Trailer

The game revolves around the story of a renowned painter Thomas Perry, who has begun to isolate himself from the outer world. His only way of communication are the letters he exchanges with his girlfriend Anna - the only person helping him through his hard time. Indygo lets the gamers experience the symptoms of depression through the eyes of the main character and is set in one location only - Thomas’s workshop. The game has multiple endings - how the story evolves and ends depends entirely on the decisions made by the player during the game.

Indygo has been designed by Fine Arts Academy students, the members of Pigmentum Games Studio. It is accompanied by handmade art and an original soundtrack. The room in which the game is set responds to the main character’s doings and mood.

The game has been shown during the most important gaming events around the world, such as Gamescom in Germany or PGA (Poznań Game Arena) in Poland. It has come 3rd in The Big Indie Pitch at Game Industry Conference in Poznań and has been praised by the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage for its social engagement and counteracting the stigmatization of the people suffering from mental illnesses.

Indygo will be available in 7 languages: Polish, English (full audio support), Spanish, Russian, French, Italian and German. The game is now available on Steam at the price of 5,99 EUR.

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Thomas's artworks

Thomas's artworks

"The stuff we leave behind"

The room/ workshop

The room/ workshop


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