Inner Voices get full VR support, hits Steam Halloween Sale with 50% off!

Inner Voices get full VR support, hits Steam Halloween Sale with 50% off!


Be scared, be VR scared. Inner Voices, an atmospheric, first person adventure game inspired by Lovecraft just received full VR support. The game is also featured in Steam Halloween Sale with 50% discount!

Inner Voices VR - Official Trailer

The players will be able to dive headfirst into a dark land, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, E.A. Poe and Stephen King, to follow the story of John Blake - a man trapped in a mysterious dimension with no memories left whatsoever. Moving through what seems to be a dark purgatory, one will gradually reveal the secrets of John’s lost life, all the while accompanied by a dark force, twisting both the protagonist and the world around him.

The game will take the players on a blood-curdling VR adventure into an ever-changing randomized maze of rooms, filled with logical puzzles with different levels of complexity. Solving the puzzles, making decisions and following the mysterious being will lead to one of the five possible endings.

Inner Voices VR releases today and is already available in Steam Halloween Sale with a 50% discount on the regular price, which is $9,99. The game will be available in four cinematic languages: Polish, Russian, English and Turkish.  

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