SAND IS THE SOUL: 2D beat’em up RPG will kick your butt

SAND IS THE SOUL: 2D beat’em up RPG will kick your butt


The Souls-like label needs to die? Gibberish! Fat Dog Games and MGP Studios present Sand is the Soul, a unique mix of 2D side-scrolling beat’em up and action RPG.

When the world around is gloomy and unforgiving (and a little Victorian), a simple job of delivering an important depeche requires mastery of the gun and the sword. As a missionary of diplomatic status you arrive at the frontier between your homeland and the neighboring autonomy of Crosshill. What’s next is up to you. Do what you want, but be aware that your actions will have consequences which will lead you to one of over 20 game endings.

The world of Sand is the Soul is a living system with evolving timeline, characters and social structure. Some changes are present during your next playthroughs in New Game Plus mode.Above all, this is a game for hardcore players. It is unforgiving and demanding. You will be making fatal mistakes. You will be fighting, dying and trying again. It is a love letter to old school genres and game elements like in-game cheats - the better endings you get, the better unlockable cheats you will receive.

Sand is the Soul will be released in Q2 2018. Players can already add it to their Steam wishlists.

Original post-punk Victorian-esque lore
Branching storyline, more than 20 game endings
Freedom of choice, multiple paths to reach your goal
Demanding fights, get used to dying
Unique moral systems including karma, crime and sanity
Original, immersive audiovisual composition

Sand is the Soul:
What: Mix of 2D side-scrolling beat’em up and action RPG
Who: MGP Studios / published by Fat Dog Games
Where: PC (Steam)When: Q2 2018
How: audio and subtitles in English and Polish

About Fat Dog Games
Fat Dog Games is an independent game publisher based in Poland. A former mobile game developing company in the market since 2014, FDG now publishes indie games in international markets on Steam, mobile platforms, VR and others.

About MGP Studios
Founded in 2014 and located in Poland, MGP is best-known for adventure RPG Sinless. Sinless has received recognition and praise for its unique audiovisual composition. Sand is the Soul is being made in a similar distinctive style.
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